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NARBC Angora Skein/Garment/Wool Contest

New York State Angora Club

General Rules and Information -

1. Check in entries Friday night  May 8, or Saturday  May 9 by 9:30 AM at Skein and Garment  area.

2. Mail-in entries will be accepted. Mail to arrive by  May 4, to Linda Kolassa, 9557 River Road, Westernville, NY  13486. Give your name, address, phone number or email,

which class you wish to enter, and any other needed information. Include entry fee (check made out to NARBC), and return postage if you want item returned.

3. Entry fee is $2.00 per item.

4. Judging will be on Saturday May 9, starting at 10:00 a.m.

5. All entries must be the work of the exhibitor.

6. Judging will be in the Skein and Garment area. Interested persons are welcome to watch the judging, but are instructed not to talk to, or question judges during judging.

7. Results will be announced at the Angora Banquet,  reported in the newsletter, and posted on the club website.

8. Awards will be given out after the judging. Ribbons will be awarded to third place. Rosettes and many nice awards will be offered.

9. Entries must be picked up at the Skein and Garment area after judging.


Skein Contest Rules –

1. Weight of skein should be at least 1 oz., except for class A-1, which should be at least oz.

2. All skeins must be handspun, and at least 50% Angora.

3. Skeins should be tied in 4 places.

4. Entries must include description and end use (what you plan to make with the yarn – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.) Description should include color, weight, plies, special

technique, fiber other than Angora, approximate percentages, etc. Please provide breed or breeds of angora that produced fiber.

5. Classes as follows:

A. 100% Angora – white or natural color          D.  Angora plied with other fiber (may use

__ 1. singles, fine and even as possible                   commercial yarn)

__ 2. two-ply, fine, medium or bulky                           __ 1. two or more ply

__ 3. other ply or novelty                                             __ 2. Go Wild!

B. 100% Angora – dyed

__ 1. single or two-ply; fine, medium, or bulky       E. __ Novice spinner – spinning 1 year

__ 2. other ply or novelty or less,                                       or under 16 years old.

C. Angora blends – natural or dyed Anything goes!

__ 1. single or two-ply

__ 2. other ply or novelty


Garment Contest Rules –

1. All entries must be at least 50% Angora. If other fiber is used, it may be handspun, or commercial yarn. Novelty and household items may be less than 50% Angora.

2. Entries must include description of item. Description should include name of article, approximate percentages of Angora, other fiber, technique used, hand or machine knit,

crochet, woven, etc.

3. If an item is made by more than one person, entry should be in both person’s names.

4. Classes as follows:

A. Large wearable (sweater, vest, shawl, etc.)                 C. __ Baby/children’s article

__ 1. 100% Angora                                                               D. __ Handwoven wearable

__ 2. combo Angora & other fiber                                     E. __ Felted wearable

B. Small wearable (mittens, scarf, hat, collar, etc.)           F. __ Novelty or household items

__ 1. 100% Angora (toys, crafts, doll clothes, jewelry,

__ 2. combo Angora & other fiber wall hanging, afghan, pillow, etc.


Wool Contest Rules –

1. Weight of wool should be at least 1/4 oz.

2. Wool should be contained in a small box with a lid. No points given for decorated container. Points are given for clean, neat presentation.

3. Classes as follows:

A. English

__ 1. plucked

__ 2. clipped

B. French  

 __ 1. plucked

 __  2. clipped      

C. Satin

__ 1. plucked

__ 2. clipped

D. Giant

__ 1. plucked

__   2. clipped


 Candy Haenszel    S/G/W Contest Chairman   (812) 529-8317